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We build charity and non-profit websites that use your compelling stories to show the difference you make, helping you inspire supporters and help you reach more people.

You have a message that needs to be heard

We want to create a website that will help you tell your story

You have a passion and vision

We want to partner with mission minded organisations to support your vision and build a long term relationship with you

You want to focus your energy on your goals and your mission

We want to take the stress off by managing your website and giving you peace of mind

We are inspired by the amazing work you do to make a real difference and change lives

So many times we see charity websites that don’t tell the story of the organisation, the passion behind it, and the actual difference seen in the lives of people they work with.

Our mission is to help your mission receive the help and support you need to make a big impact, through telling your stories, getting your message heard, and drawing people into your cause.

Featured Article

Why Charities Struggle to Attract the Support they Need for Success

Your website can be a 24/7 cheerleader for your charity, connecting people with your mission, and turning them into lifelong advocates. And yet many websites fail to do this meaning charities miss the opportunity to gain the support they need to really make a difference, so let me share with you the 3 common mistakes I see on websites, so you can start to receive the support you deserve.

Who we work with…

Hope For Tomorrow Global Charity
Alpha Projects Website

What we do for you…

Strategy + Design

We specialise in designing and building WordPress websites which can be tailored to your needs and are completely yours to keep, unlike other platforms. It’s important to us to really understand your vision and goals, as well as building relationships, as we are with you for the long haul.

Hosting + Security

We want to further your cause by taking the pressure off by managing your website. We will host your site, maintain it, and keep it secure. We want you to feel safe with us, and always know that we have your back if any problems arise.

SEO + Content

It’s easy for a website to become neglected. We can help you share your latest news by updating the content on your site, giving you a boost on Google whilst we do it, helping your message get seen by more people.

Why people have chosen to work with us…

The fact that we have a web presence is a huge step forward for us, adding to our crediblity. Although we are not an e-commerce business the presence is a crucial part of building trust and capability for many customers that will expect to see something when they search for our company online.

A heartfelt thanks for helping to get us off the ground!

Ralph Sheridan

Alpha Projects

AJD Engineering is delighted with the web site created for us by Tim at Greenbird Web Design. We didn’t really know what we needed, but Tim provided us with lots of options based on his experience and was able to create a great product that was exceptional value for money. I have had great feedback on the site from my customers.

Tony Darnell

AJD Engineering

Greenbird Web Design takes care of the never ending stream of updates and keeps things running smoothly. It’s such a relief to know everything is always backed up, but if we do have a technical issues he responds straight away and doesn’t stop until it’s solved. The bottom line? Greenbird Web Design gives us confidence in the technical side of our site.

Steve McVeigh

New Life Church

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