Central is an established contractor working with leading sports facilities, museums and visitor centres around the country. We worked together to create a unique and interactive site to showcase their projects.

Central were looking for a dynamic website that was as engaging as their exhibitions. It was important that they had an online presence that showcased their skills and experience as well as being impressive and engaging. 

Using WordPress and Divi, we designed a site to showcase their work with some of the top museums, exhibition centres and sports facilities around the country, using interactive overlays to engage users.

As visual elements are a vital part of their work, it was important to give them a way of showing as much of their work as possible, but with all the extra media files the website needed it was important to be able to show as much as possible without cluttering the site or confusing the visitor. We used multiple sections and overlays, background videos and lots of images to bring their work to life.

One the big challenges with websites that have a lot of media content is delivering a fast website. We optimised not only the files to reduce the load on the server, but also the delivery to make sure each page loaded quickly despite the high image content.



The website looks great, really pleased!

Brett Carpenter - Director

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